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Parent Notification System

New-Age Parent Notification Software

SigmaIT software parent notification system helps schools and colleges communicate with guardians and notify them about their child's growth, activities, and other reports.

SigmaIT software is a top website development company that helps schools and colleges manage and send parent notifications from one integrated system. As a leading software development company in India, our best-in-class parent notification software enables educational institutes to focus on productive teaching strategies instead of wondering about parent alerts and notifications. Our experienced team of software developers has served over one thousand schools and colleges and has collaborated with SigmaIT software experts to deliver about ten thousand successful development projects all over India.

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 Parent Notification Software

Parent Notification Software

Automate Your School/Colleges Communications With Best Parent Notification Software

Parent involvement is the most crucial aspect of a students' educational success. However, due to busy parents' schedules, it has become more complicated to meet guardians and let them know about students' activities.

Parent notification software is the best method to bridge the gap between parents and educational institutes. It can easily send alerts via phone call, text messages, and email to everyone in seconds. Additionally, the software enables parents to log In to the system and know all about their child's activities, attendance, homework, teacher remarks, and much more.

Key Features of SigmaIT Software Parent Notification System

Student Absentee Notification

Parent notification software helps inform parents if their children are late or absent in the classroom.

Emergency Text Alerts

The software sends emergency text alerts to the parents in case of unexpected incidents like alerts about student health, emergency institute closure, etc.

Student Diary

Your parent notification system contains a digital diary for each student so that parents can read to examine their children's performance.

Fee Reminders

School/ college staff can send fee reminders directly using SigmaIT software's parent notification system and get on-time payments

Homework & Teacher Remarks

The parent notification system's digital diary helps teachers let parents know about the kids' homework and teacher remarks.

Benefits of Parent Notification Software

Fast & easy communication with parents

Hassle-free communication in no time

Minimal support staff

It saves time and money

Easy to operate the system

No pen/paper